Choice Completion Systems Announces Patent Pending Technology

Hydraulic Fracturing Plug Lowers Completion Costs Due to Design


HOUSTON, TX: August 11, 2016. Choice Completion Systems announces their latest patent pending technology, the RzrFrac Plug, used to provide zonal isolation during multi-stage completions. Carefully designed with operators’ cost and downtime in mind, the RzrFrac Plug is unlike any other hydraulic frac plug on the market.

Constructed of 100% composite materials, the plug reduces drill out time and debris by up to 80%.

Michael Harris, VP of Business Development, explains why this is an industry breakthrough. “Choice’s focus in engineering this product was to help operators in the industry by providing a simple and more economical product that they can rely on. In a market where service companies are constantly competing with one another, we are focusing on the customers’ needs. By understanding the application and customers’ needs, we were able to create a fit for purpose design that simplifies the problem.”

Minimalism, simplicity, and efficiency embodies the RzrFrac Plug from design to implementation of the tool. The composite plug has only three main components: the composite cone, expandable elastomeric seal, and composite slips with carbide inserts; all of which are easily drillable. Kenny Anton, VP of Engineering, comments “Frac Plugs are a commodity item. What makes the Choice RzrFrac plug unique is the fact that our plugs are 1/5 of the volume of competitors’ plugs. Less volume correlates with less debris, minimal risk for flow-back, easier circulation, and lower risk for getting your coil tubing drill out assembly stuck. Our focus on reducing debris from the start minimizes overall risk and lessens the wear on your drilling assemblies.”

Choice is currently running the RzrFrac Plug in three major shale basins including the Permian, West Texas, and TMS. Results all conclude an improvement of efficiencies during the pump down, fracing, and mill-up processes. These improvement results could account for days of time saved during the completion process, and ultimately help the operator boost the economics of any well project. New versions of the product, available fourth quarter of 2016, include higher temperature rated tools and ceramic slip buttons.


About Choice Completion Systems:

Choice is a rapidly growing provider of innovative and patented tools used to complete conventional and unconventional wells. Tools that Choice currently provides are: toe actuator sleeves, frac sleeves, composite frac plugs, packers and rental service tools.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company currently has service facilities strategically located in West Texas, South Texas and East Texas with future plans of expansion into all major U.S. basins.


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