Choice Grows Product Offering with HydraStart MTV

New Product Enhances Casing Integrity Tests for Operators


HOUSTON, T.X. [January 5, 2016] – Choice Completion Systems, a Houston-based completion tools equipment and service provider, announces the availability of their newest product- the HydraStart MultiStart Cycling Toe Valve (MTV). Choice’s HydraStart MTV has one of the industry’s largest IDs and provides a high rate flow path to enhance initial injection, casing clean up, first stage fracturing, and overall production.


“Our top priority is providing our customers with superior options that meet their needs, and this tool is no exception,” states Michael Harris, Choice VP of Business Development. “The HydraStart MTV was designed to ensure the operator is never required to exceed their well’s test pressure in casing tests, unlike standard toe valves.”


The HydraStart MTV helps improve efficiency and reduce the cost of plug-and-perf completions. One key trait is its ability to establish wellbore injection immediately after the casing integrity test and eliminate the delay period required by competitors’ “Time Delay” Toe Valves. The HydraStart MTV also has the ability to open as pressure is bled off after the casing test is completed. This allows the operator to open multiple sleeves simultaneously and utilize the MTV tools as the first stage of the completion (i.e. “toe prep”).


Kenny Anton, Choice VP of Engineering explains, “Our goal in designing tools is to create technologically advanced and user-friendly products that are reliable, easily integrated, and will ultimately save customers time and money.”


The HydraStart MTV is currently being run in the Barnett Shale. The operator that is running the Choice tools had previously used a standard toe valve to initiate injection. He would then use the small amount of rate available to pump guns down and achieve a “toe prep”. By installing multiple HydraStart MTV’s the operator has eliminated secondary operations by opening multiple valves simultaneously to achieve a “toe prep”. This resulted in the operator saving both time and money on the overall cost of the completion process.


The HydraStart MTV has a maximum rated pressure of 18,000 psi absolute (surface pressure + hydrostatic). Choice has completed field trials for the HydraStart MTV, setting an industry benchmark at 100% success rate.


About Choice Completion Systems:

Choice is a rapidly growing provider of innovative and patented tools used to complete conventional and unconventional wells. Tools that Choice currently provides are: toe actuator sleeves, frac sleeves, composite frac plugs, packers and rental service tools.  Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company currently has service facilities strategically located in West Texas, South Texas and East Texas with future plans of expansion into all major U.S. basins.


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